The Musical Wines company combines music and wine to unique wine-tasting events for companies and private occasions. Historically seen wine and music have a lot in common. Both create a comfortable atmosphere and a pleasant mood and therefore cannot be exluded from festivities, company events, weddings, birthday parties or an intimate evening with a few good friends. Music and wine are also very suitable subjects of interesting conversations at any of these occasions. They are to be discovered and experienced but foremost to be enjoyed with all the senses.

That is why Musical Wines offers you a wide range of combinations between music and wine. These combinations vary from a relaxed wine-evening with appropriate background music for a little get-together to a wine-tasting event accompanied by a (classical) concert.

With Musical Wines you needn't arrange the wine and the music separately. With us you can have twice as good the time! Following your wishes completely we will look for a perfect combination of wine and music that will guarantee an interesting afternoon or evening.

And remember: both our music and our wines are exclusive! This interesting fact forms yet another reason to opt for this unique experience.